The new CellXtract-TNT, powered by Tarantula®, provides physical data extraction from tens of thousands of counterfeit, “knock-off” and legitimate brand Chinese-chipset mobile devices. These phones are usually built with non-standard hardware and software, making it difficult to analyze. The CellXtract-TNT supports data extraction from the four major Chinese-manufactured chipsets; MTK, Infineon, Spreadstrum and MStar. By focusing our development efforts on supporting chipsets vs hundreds of “look alike” phone models we can provide access to tens of thousands of device profiles. Designed specifically for forensic investigations, CellXtract-TNT gives our customers a powerful solution to address the growing number of these Chinese-chip based mobile devices flooding international markets.

  • Full physical extraction (binary file) of the memory chip in Chinese Chipset mobile devices
  • Extracts, decodes and reports deleted data on Chinese-chipset phones
  • User password extraction supported for the majority of Chinese-chipset phones
  • Supports physical extraction and decoding of Android Phones
  • Supports logical extraction of over 2,000 mobile devices
  • Easy to read reports available on demand
  • Compact, battery-powered, ruggedized and light-weight design
  • View data on-scene, no computer required