Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

Audiotel International is Europe's leading manufacturer of technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) equipment for the effective detection of electronic eavesdropping devices or bugs.

Supplying government, law enforcement and corporate customers, our portfolio consists of a wide range of de-bugging technology that allows anyone to easily perform a TSCM sweep to detect and locate eavesdropping or bugging devices.

Audiotel International is a wholly owned subsidiary of PSG Solutions.


Scanlock M3 Counter Surveillance System

The latest development in the Scanlock range is the new Scanlock M3 Counter Surveillance Receiver. The Scanlock M3 represents a major advancement in radio bug detection, combining wider frequency scanning coverage, faster scan rates and a new colour touch screen user interface in a much smaller volume than the previous Scanlock M2 system.

Robustly designed and fully type approved, the Scanlock M3 range must be regarded as the most sophisticated counter surveillance system on the market today.

Improved Frequency range

The frequency range of the Scanlock M3 Advanced system has now been increased to 10GHz which will cover the majority of bugging threats.

Faster Scan rates

The scan rate of the Scanlock M3 has been reduced by a factor of 10 compared to the Scanlock M2. The system can now scan to 10GHz in under 0.5s meaning that even the fastest burst type transmitters should not be missed.

Analogue and Digital bug detection

The Scanlock M3 Advanced system has the capability to detect and identify a wide range of commonly found radio signals; GSM, DECT, WiFi, Bluetooth UMTS (3G) and Video.

Colour user interface

The Scanlock M3 has been designed for all levels of user, ranging from simple displays to more technically complex frequency spectrum and time domain screens.
The user interface is icon based and multi-lingual help facilities will be available.