Digital Ally

Advanced Digital Video Systems

Digital Ally is a technology-driven company specializing in advanced digital video police cameras and law enforcement surveillance equipment. Utilizing the newest generation of technology, we develop and manufacture the industry's first Digital In-Car Video System integrated into a rear view mirror, an all-weather ATV/boat/motorcycle video system, a personal body camera, a digital video system integrated into a law enforcement style flashlight, and a revolutionary wireless microphone. Used by everyone from the military to correctional facilities, park rangers or port authorities to private security, Digital Ally's video systems offer the features and reliability you need.

DV-500 Ultra

The power of Digital In-Car Video Systems in a weather-proof ATV, security cart, watercraft or motorcycle camera system.


A new Digital In-Car Video System featuring Simultaneous Record, D1 High Resolution Video, and much more, including the new VoiceVault™ Advanced Wireless Mic


FirstVu™ Personal Video System &

Digital Camera

A compact new body camera to capture hands-free video & audio or still photos from your point of view wherever you go.


Digital Ally is excited to announce a new generation of video management software that is both more powerful and versatile. The new VuVault video management software has the ability to do everything VideoManager II could do with a new framework that will completely eclipse the old VideoManager line, both in terms of capabilities and usability. The initial release features:

  • A New & Improved User Interface
  • Enhanced Search Capabilities & Options
  • New Searchable User-Defined Fields
  • Powerful New Reporting Functionality
  • File Server Share Targeting Technology
  • And Much More
Will Be Coming Soon!