Field Forensics

Explosives Detection Kits

Field Forensics manufactures three product lines of "colorimetric" detection kits for explosives detection and precursor identification. "Colorimetric" means that the response of the kits to a positive detection or identification is a color change, visible to the human eye. In our kits the color change is obvious. The product lines are:

The E.L.I.T.E. Series, which includes the Model EL100 and the Model EL240 were designed for trace detection of explosives. The Model EL100 is designed for trace detection of the nitrogen-based explosives. The Model EL240 is designed for trace detection of peroxide-based explosives such as TATP, HMTD, and MEKP as well as chlorate mixtures.

The IDEX Series, includes several models for the identification of bulk compounds, primarily precursors for home-made explosives, and each model in the series identifies just one target substance. As new compounds become a threat IDEX models are added. Right now there are IDEX units for compounds including ammonium, urea nitrate, chlorate, perchlorate, nitrate, phosphate, acetic anhydride, and peroxide.

The IDEX-ULTRA Series, the latest addition to the FFI lineup, is a combination of detection and identification - trace and bulk. This unique new series combines trace detection with specific identification of many target compounds, home-made explosives and precursors, such as ammonium nitrate, chlorates, urea nitrate and peroxide.