Foclar B.V. Netherlands who have over 25 years of experience in Video & Image Enhancement & authentication. With the increasing use of CCTV surveillance systems, dash and body cams, and smart devices that are capturing every aspect of our daily lives, the demand for image/video forensics is growing.

Impress:  Turning low quality footage into actionable information:
Foclar’s flagship product, Impress, turns low quality footage into actionable information. Supporting a broad range of input formats, Impress enables you to get valuable information from images and video using the extensive filter collection. Specifically aimed at forensic applications, the software provides the necessary tools to fit law enforcement requirements. Impress got international recognition and an extensive validation process was performed by the British Home Office. Since then the software has been used by police forces, forensic institutes, security services and companies all over the world.

Mandet: Deepfake Detection
While the number of image and video manipulation tools available is increasing, they are also becoming easier to use and making it nearly impossible to see manipulations by eye. One of the more famous methods of manipulating imagery is called deepfake. This is a collective name for several techniques that manipulate images and video based on artificial intelligence With this growing supply of tools, the use of these techniques for unlawful acts is also increasing. As a result, there is a growing demand for solutions which can help to distinct real from fake. While the current range of solutions is primarily focused on single images. Mandet has been developed to support both images and video. Since analyzing images and videos can be a time consuming job, the idea behind the software is to be as effective and straightforward as possible.