Forensic Telecommunications


Forensic Telecommunications Services Ltd. (FTS)
is a world leader in the extraction, analysis and presentation of data from mobile telephones, cellular networks and all forms of computing and mobile communications technology.

Mobile phone forensics relies on having exceptionally experienced examiners using the most up-to-date validated 3rd party and in-house developed software tools.FTS maintains the facility to extract and record all the data types present on handsets and SIM cards, with the data presented in an easy to read standardised forensic report.


Mobile Phone Forensics and SIM Card Forensics



HEX M-FILTER® Chip level deleted data extraction, translations and evidence preparation


iPhone®, PDA, BlackBerry® SAT NAV and Computer Forensics



Cell Site Analysis and telecommunications expert witnesses


Audio and digital imaging analysis and enhancement forensic services



Specialist telecommunications investigator training services