Metrasens Ltd UK. Metrasens is the world’s leading provider of advanced Ferro-magnetics detection technologies.


Cellsense® Plus technology is used for the detection of cellphones, weapons and other contraband items such as knives, blades, lighter, syringes outside or inside the body and is used extensively in hotels, embassies, Hospitals, Court Houses as well as in commercial and Government buildings.

The technology gives this unit sensitivity such that it can detect something as small as a staple pin. They are different from normal metal detector as they are completely passive and only trigger an alarm against moving ferrous and magnetic objects.

In total Cellsense have 4000 units operational worldwide and was used extensively in Asian Games 2018. Other customers include UK Ministry of Justice, Indonesian National Police, New Zealand Justice Department and many sports venues, hotels and office buildings in 62 countries.

Cellsense is completely portable and flexible for fast action at multi locations through a working day. The unit can also be located permanently in one position if preferred that is entry or exit access.


PROSCREEN 900™ PLUS: Mass Attack Security Screening System – Large Weapon / Bomb Threat Detection

Proscreen 900 Plus is the foremost perimeter detection system designed specifically to identify mass casualty threat items. Weapons such as sub-machine guns, assault-style rifles, sniper rifles, and class III weapons, these often-concealed, threats are easily detected with Metrasens advanced detection technology. Backed by the industry’s most rigorous weapons testing programme. Designed for high throughput without the burden of divestiture, 50-60 people can be screened per minute (3,000 – 3,600 per hour).

ProScreen900 and Cellsense were used extensively in the Asian Games 2018, and are also in operation at Aston Villa Football Club, NASA, CIA, APPLE, AMAZON, FACEBOOK & many other international hotels, shopping malls,  sporting arena’s, and government and commercial buildings