Innovative Solutions for X-RAY echnology:

XplusSecurity2520 is a PC based image enhancement and processing system with extensive archiving possibilities especially developed for police and military missions.


Software developed by VisiConsult GmbH
Designed as per operators' requirements
Integrated data base with extensive search function
Complete system incorporated in the backpack
Image size 20 to 25 cm (~ 7 to 9.83 inch)

The system can be operated in less than 3 minutes right from the backpack.
The working steps are quite easy. The flat panel detector is located behind the object. The mobile X-ray tube (e.g. Golden XR150, XR200 or XRS-3, ICM CP1201) is placed in front of the object. The X-ray generator and the flat panel detector are connected to the control panel (notebook). The operator controls the system, either via cable or WiFi (distance to the object 20 m to approx. 1.500 m). The operator takes his control panel and leaves the danger zone (~ 20 to 1.500 m WLAN / ~ 130 m cable). The whole operation and image analysis is done with the control panel. Irrespective of the mains, the system is ready for operation for approx. 5 hours thanks to the mobile battery supply (with 4 battery packs). The batteries are incorporated in the backpack.

Product features
One click method:
Just a mouse click is enough to start the working
steps. All processes run automatically. Required
operator intervention has been limited to a minimum.
User-friendly handling
Resolution 127 μm/Px
High processing speed
Large dynamic range (for brightness and contrast)
3-D zoom function
Extensive measuring functions
Automated test functions
Image export 14/16 bit to 8 bit (*.jpg/*.bmp)
Extensive archiving possibilities
Operational area -20° to +58°
Integrated mission log
Mission object catalogue archive
10.4" notebook full ruggedized (IP65)
Notebook 17" (e.g. 1920 x 1200 dpi)

XplusSecurity2520 is an X-ray scanning system
based on the flat panel detector technology. Flat panel detectors are X-ray sensitive image taking components. In contrast to X-ray films or CR plates these flat panel detectors are able to display a digital image directly during X-ray radiation.
The advantage is the extremely short latency (only a few seconds) until an image is shown on the screen of the system.



The XplusSecurity system
can be used with the most different versions of notebooks and handhelds. For the use of military specific notebooks/handhelds special attention has been paid to sunlight readable displays. Long battery service life and multiple interfaces such as USB, Bluetooth, PCMCIA-slots and SDF cards are standard features.

The highly mobile XplusSecurityX-ray systems optionally use WLAN or cable. The systems can be operated via WiFi over great distances (e.g. visual contact up to 1.500 m and more) through the use of HotSpots. Cable connections can be used individually or combined. When a remote controlled manipulator is used, the systems often use the radio communication of the carrier vehicle.